Curves & turns training in the training center in Carinthia

In theory and practice, you will learn the basics of the physics of riding around bends as well as receive training in the optimal movement control when cornering. You will find the ideal cornering line with the right momentum as well as exercise movement sequences for different cornering techniques. You will learn about the important role of vision management and sitting position. You will also learn evasive manoeuvres and braking in bends.

Good motorcycling starts in your brain. Our mental training, featuring immediate feedback and video analysis, will take you on a steep learning curve. We make cornering kings!





  • 3 full days of professional riding training (day 1/09:00 to day 3/16:00) on mountain trails with your own motorcycle
  • maximum of six participants per trainer
  • training routes: Carinthia (Kärnten), Nockalmstrasse and the surrounding area
  • 3 nights with ¾ gourmet board
  • Nockalmstrasse toll charges



Alpine Biking – training content and goals:

Self-confidence: Gaining confidence to your motorbike and in yourself. Mental training.
Cornering and driving round bends / basics: Cornering – theory amd riding physics. Various cornering techniques (pushing, leaning, hanging-off) and their use. The ideal, fastest and safest cornering lines.
Cornering technology / inclined position: Correct seating, vision management, steering momentum, pushing, precise steering, inclining, cornering line, acceleration; limits
Cornering / critical situations: Braking and evasive manoeuvres while cornering / in inclined position, on different surfaces
Progress analysis: Video recordings and analysis
Individual support: One-on-one pursuitsS with immediate analysis




  • Your own, road-safe motorbike as well as a full set of protective clothing
  • In Austria, carrying a first aid kit is mandatory!


Price per participant: €849.00

Available upon request:

  • Additional charge for single room: €120.-
  • Additional charge for pillion rider (in double room): €499.-
  • Personal trainer (1 trainer for max. 2 participants): €250.00 per day


Minimum number of participants: 5
If a booking has been made for a group smaller than the minimum number of participants, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the training or offer an alternative date.

Not included in the price: Motorbike, petrol, meals during the day; international health, travel cancellation and return transport insurance