Cookies & data protection directive

Area of application

This data protection explanation clears up user about the kind, the extent and the purposes of the elevation and use of personal data by this web page. The legal bases of the data protection are found in the Austrian telecommunication law (TKG) and data protection act (DSG).


Access data / server-log files

The SPORT GRIZZLY & LTD FAMILEN RESORT (or our Webspace provider) raise data above every access to the offer (so-called server log files). Belong to the access data:

Name of the called away web page, file, date and time of the call, transferred data amount, announcement about successful call, browser type together with version, the operating system of the user, Referrer URL (the before visited side), IP address and the asking for provider.

We use the protocol data only for statistical evaluations for the purpose of the company, the security and the optimisation of our offer. Nevertheless, we reserve ourselves to check afterwards the protocol data if on account of concrete clues the entitled suspicion of an illegal use exists.



Cookies are small files which enable to store specific, on the device referring information on the access device of the users (PC, Smartphone or similar). They serve to one of the user friendliness of web pages and with it to the users (e. g. , storage of Logindaten). On the other hand they serve to grasp the statistical data of the web page use and to be able to analyse them for the purpose of improvement of the offer. The users can have on the application of the Cookies influence. Most browsers order an option with that the memories of Cookies are limited or are completely prevented. Indeed, it is pointed out to the fact that the use and in particular the comfort of utilisation are limited without Cookies.

They can administer many Online-Anzeigen-Cookies of enterprise about the US-American side http://www. aboutads. info / choices/or the EU page http://www. youronlinechoices. com/uk/your ad choices/.

This website uses the following Cookies around you the desired information and services with optimum quality can offer as well as to be able to transmit information and announcements with regard to our web page better:

resolution: Session-Cookies which are extinguished after closing the browser. Cookie to the inquiry of the required dimension of picture area

bcAllowCookies: Cookie to the storage of the choice that Cookies are accepted; valid for 2 years


Contact with personal data

Personal data are information with whose help a person is determinable, so the information which can be pursued back to a person. The name, the email address or the phone number belong to it. But also data about predilections, hobbies, memberships or which web pages by somebody were looked count to personal data.

Personal data are raised by the SPORT GRIZZLY & FAMILIES LTD RESORT only, are used and transmitted if this is permitted legally or the users agree to the survey.



Establishment of contact

With the establishment of contact with the GRIZZLY RESORT (for example, by contact form, CHAT or e-mail) the information of the user is stored for the purpose of treatment of the inquiry as well as for the case that connection questions originate.


Comments and contributions

If users leave comments in the Blog or other contributions, her IP addresses are stored. This occurs to the security of the supplier, if somebody writes illegal contents (insults, forbidden political propaganda, etc. ) in comments and contributions. In this case the SPORT GRIZZLY & MOTORCYCLE LTD RESORT could be prosecuted even for the comment or contribution and, hence, we are interested in the identity of the author.


Comment subscriptions

The succession comments can be subscribed by users. The users receive a confirmation email to check whether they are the owner of the given email address. Users can cancel running comment subscriptions any time. The confirmation email will contain tips in addition.



With the newsletter we inform you about events and our offers. If you liked to receive our newsletter, we need from you a valid email address as well as information which permits the examination to us that you are the owner of the given email address or whose owner agrees with the receipt of the newsletter. Other data are not raised. These data are used only for the dispatch of the newsletters and are not transmitted into three parts.

With the registration for the newsletter the SPORT GRIZZLY & FAMILIES stores LTD RESORT your IP address and the date of the registration. This storage serves only the proof in the case that a third abuses an email address and announces himself without knowledge of the beneficiary for the newsletter receipt.

You can revoke their approval of the storage of the data, the email address as well as their use for the dispatch of the newsletter any time. The cancellation can occur about a link in the newsletters, in your profile area or by communication to the contact possibilities standing on top.


Integration of services and contents of third

It can seem that within this on-line offer contents of third, as for example videos are integrated by YouTube, maps and charts of Google-Maps, RSS-Feeds or graphics of other web pages. This always assumes that the suppliers of these contents (in the following called as “a third supplier”) perceive the IP address of the users. Since without IP address, they could not send the contents to the browser of the respective user. The IP address is necessary with it for the representation of these contents. The SPORT GRIZZLY & MOTORCYCLE LTD RESORT tries only to use such contents whose respective suppliers use the IP address merely to the delivery of the contents. However, we have no influence on it, if the third suppliers store the IP address, e. g. , for statistical purposes. As far as this is known to us, we clear up the users about that.


Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of the Google Inc (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called„ Cookies“, text files which are stored on your computer and which allow an analysis of the use of the website by you. The information generated by the Cookie about your use of this website (including your IP address) is transferred to a server by Google in the USA and is stored there. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website to put together of report about the website activities for the website operators and to render linked services next with the website use and the Internet use. Also Google will transfer this information if necessary into three parts, provided that this legally prescribed or as far as third process these data on behalf of Google. Google will associate your IP address with other data of Google in no case. They can prevent the installation of the Cookies by a suitable setting of your browsers software; I point out you, nevertheless, to the fact that you cannot use all functions of this website in this case if necessary completely. By the use of this website you agree with the treatment of the data upraised about you by Google in the before described way and for the before named purpose.

Should you not want to have that your IP address, linguistic setting, terminal are not analysed etc. by us, I recommend the use of the Google Analytics Browser-Add-on to the Deaktivierung of Google Analytics. The Browser-Add-on to the Deaktivierung of Google Analytics gives you more control of the fact which data are grasped to called websites by Google Analytics. The add-on informs the JavaScript (ga. js) from Google Analytics that no information about the website visit should be transmitted in Google Analytics.

If you liked to use this function, download the add-on and instal it for your topical web browser. The Browser-Add-on to the Deaktivierung of Google Analytics is available for Internet Explorer, Google to chrome, Mozilla Firefox Apple safari and opuses.


Use of Facebook Social Plugins

This offer uses Social Plugins (“Plugins”) of the social network facebook. com, which of the Facebook Ireland Ltd. , 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland is pursued (“Facebook”). The Plugins are recognizable in one of the Facebook logos (white “and the following” on blue tile, the concepts “Like”, “liked to me” or a „thumb high“ sign) or are marked with the addition “Facebook Social Plugin”. The list and the appearance of the Facebook Social Plugins can be seen here: https://developers. facebook. com/docs/plugins/.

If a user calls a web page of this offer which contains such a Plugin, his browser builds up a direct connection with the servers of Facebook. The contents of the Plugins are transmitted by Facebook directly to your browser and are integrated by this into the web page. Hence, the supplier has no influence on the extent of the data, the Facebook with the help of this Plugins raises and informs the users, hence, according to his state of knowledge:

By the integration of the Plugins Facebook receives the information that a user has called the suitable side of the offer. If the user is logged in with Facebook, Facebook can assign the visit to his Facebook account. If users with the Plugins interoperate, operate, for example, the Like badge or make a comment, the suitable information is transmitted by your browser directly in Facebook and is stored there. If a user is no member of Facebook, the possibility insists, nevertheless, that Facebook brings his IP address in experience and stores. According to Facebook only one anonymous IP address is stored in Germany.

Purpose and extent of the survey and the other processing and use of the data by Facebook as well as the relevant rights and setting possibilities for the protection of the privacy of the users, can take this from the data protection tips of Facebook: https://www. facebook. com/about/privacy/.

If a user is a Facebook member and did not want that Facebook about this offer collects data about him and ties together with his member’s data stored with Facebook, he must log off before the visit of the web site with Facebook. Other settings and contradictions to the use of data for advertising purposes, are possible within the Facebook-profile settings: https://www. facebook. com/settings? tab=ads.


Cancellation, changes, corrections and actualisations

The user has the right to receive at the request of free of charge information about the personal data which were stored about him. In addition, the user has the right on correction of wrong data, blockage and deletion of his personal data, as far as no legal safekeeping duty stands in the way of him.



Provided that parts or single formulation of this text of the valid legal situation not, should correspond no more or not completely, the remaining parts of the document in her contents and her validity of it remain untouched.